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Drive Test using TEMS

In general, Drive Test can be define as a methode that used to verify the actual condition of RF signal certain operator (excelcomindo, telkomsel, indosat, mobile8) at certain place.

Several functions of drive test :

– Analyzing customer complaint of certain operator in their home or office area

– Finding problem in BTS ( Timeslot Check, TRX Check, Swap Feeder)

– Analyzing the result of optimization process (continuity and all of area)

There are softwares can be used for drivetest that installed on laptop. TEMS Investigation (Ericsson), NEMO (Nokia).

Here the steps to start learning drivetest with TEMS Investigation :

1. Drive Test Equipments

2. Laptop Configurations

3. TEMS Investigation :

Workspace Configurations

Map Configurations

Port Equipment Configurations

Command Sequence Configurations

4. Go Drive Test !!!

5. Logfile Checking

6. Post Processing :

Report Generator

RAN Tuning

MapInfo (Plot IEs)

7. Trouble Shooting :

– Antenna Tilt

2G Frequency Scanning

Time Slot Check

TRX Check

Swap Feeder Check


Scratch my excel

Just for remind me about below excel formula :

Delete one character at the end of the word

Get two characters inside the word


Convert hexa to decimal inside the word


Calculate distance (i.e to calculate improper neighbor relation)