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Port Configurations

This page will tell us about port equipments configuration in TEMS 6.1.4.

In TEMS 8 all port equipment will automaticly configured when equipment plug in into laptop (usb port).

1. Click window Port configuration -> insert (in keyboard) or click icon add

2. Select Port for Mobile Station MS (port MS usually have higher number than port DC. i.e there is COM 5 and COM 6, the DC port is COM 5 and the MS port is COM 6)


3. Select Port for Data Cable DC


4. Select Port for GPS (NMEA 0183)


5. After all equipment port configured connect all with f2 or click icon connect-all



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  1. * osama says:

    hey bro i have k800 connected to tems , tems read that the phone is connected to the computer , but have a red circle on it , when i press connect its says failed to connect , what could be the problem (note: i am using simulated dongle, does that makes a difference )

    thankx n advance regards

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 7 months ago
    • * orinaica says:

      Hi osama, there was different port on device manager compare on tems equipment configuration.
      in example :

      device manager :
      port : COM7 -> Ericsson 3G Data Cable
      port : COM8 -> K800

      manually configure on tems :
      port : COM5 -> Ericsson 3G Data Cable
      port : COM6 -> K800

      | Reply Posted 6 years, 11 months ago
  2. * usman ali says:

    dear sir i am usman i want t o know
    about command sequence window
    1.what is loop ?
    2.what is wait time? dail
    a.what is time out?
    b.what is redail trigger

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 11 months ago
    • * orinaica says:

      Hi Usman, thanks for visiting this blog…
      1. Loop is how much you want to repeat command under “loop”. if you set :
      Loop (100)
      –MS1 – Dial: Voice
      –MS1 – Wait [15]
      the command above mean that you will repeat command Dial & Wait on MS1 till 100 times.

      2. Wait time means how long “wait time” after first command to run next command. in example :
      Loop (100)
      –MS1 – Dial: Voice
      –MS1 – Wait [15]
      that example means after dial voice and MS1 connected to the target (called “Dedicated Mode”) then after call end, will turn into “Wait” command.
      If you set wait time = 15 second, MS1 will be on “Idle Mode” 15 second.
      So, if you have a request to test voice call using methode 120/10, it means you have to set command “Dial” -> Duration 120 second and “Wait” -> Wait time 15 second.

      3. In Dial Command :
      a. Time Out : time out (second) is time duration when MS will judge that no response from the target number.
      b. Redial Trigger : if there is any event such as “Blocked Call”, “Dropped Call” or “Time Out” that caused MS cannot connect to target number, MS will redial (retry to call).

      Hopefully its clear enough usman… 🙂
      thank you

      | Reply Posted 6 years, 11 months ago

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